Welcome to Nooplant!

We are a newly reforming company looking to provide you the best quality ethnobotanicals, nootropics and other things we greatly enjoy. We are currently specializing in kratom! And we are opening with 6 stocks of quality milled leaf, some of which is brand new to the market.


We ship Mon-Fri. We will ALWAYS ship same day if at all possible, and next day at the latest.


You are required to be 18 years or older to purchase any kratom products and only where they are legal! That being said, we greatly encourage everyone to follow the link at the bottom of our page, and sign the petition! 


Any products sold under 'fine chem' are sold as just that: fine chemicals and we support no claims of their efficacy of any use, we only claim the purity standard of 99%+ as proven in our chemical analysis for every product!


Please follow the 'contact us' button for any questions at all!


Thank you

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